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Topic: The social network built for fun where you can meet new friends, send messages, play games, and create your own avatar

Countries: United States, Algeria, United Kingdom, Australia and others countries

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Description :

WeeWorld, the online community of Mii (more than 17 million subscribers), has just launched a new feature called WeeRooms, which allows members to add more options to customize their animated avatars.
It was already possible to add backgrounds to your WiiMee, now it is also possible to create your own (room) even going so far add the smallest detail (such as posters on the walls).
Add elements / objects is more interactive than just a description of note (as is already virtual worlds as Taatu or networks like Cyworld or Bahu.com), The WeeRooms can also be exported to other sites / blogs / profiles and were adopted by 61,000 users in the community with over 330,000 built-in objects (10 days after launch)